AkaiDisk is an MS-DOS/Windows program that converts Akai sample disks to WAVE files. It can read and write S900, S950, S1000 and S3000 disks, and will have a go at reading other Akai disks, but may get a bit confused.

There are three versions of AkaiDisk available here; the older version 1.0 will only read Akai disks. Version 2.0 also allows writing to Akai disks but lacks a Windows front end, which has been added in version 2.2.

Note: to use either of these versions you also need vbrun300.ddl (230K).

The author can be contacted at the following address:

  Paul Kellett
  24 Eastrop Lane
  RG21 4AS
In addition, Klaus Thrane has written a small windows front end to the above program, which right now can copy back and forth and format. The EXE module is 24K, but a full setup directory takes up more than 3MB of data (DLL's). To use this program you need to have the VB4.0 runtime files.

Download the program (9K).

A complete setup version containing all necessary files is also available. Warning: this archive is huge!

Download the setup archive (1766K).